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Gold Crown Title

This section aims to recognize user's achievements in community participation. Every time users reach the goal of 100 counts, they will earn a title.Specifically, EatnSmile offers 04 types of activities, include 'Review', 'Store Review', 'Helpful', and 'Mint Store NFT'.

  • Review: The number of reviews given by user.

  • Store Review: The number of reviews on user's stores.

  • Helpful: The number of 'Helpful' button clicked by other users.

  • Mint Store NFT: The number of Store NFT minted by user.

Once users reach the milestone of 100 counts on each category, they will earn a steel crown. By expanding to other categories, users will earn higher titles.

  • Steel Crown: 100 counts / 01 category

  • Bronze Crown: 100 counts / 02 categories (100 counts on each category)

  • Silver Crown: 100 counts / 03 categories (100 counts on each category)

  • Gold Crown: 100 counts / 04 categories (100 counts on each category)

Achieving the Gold Crown will get user a significant amount of loyal point (~5,000 points) in estimating the govenance token airdrop.

Store and Reviewer Of The Month

Every month, EatnSmile will pick top stores and reviewers to reward with $NARUTO token. The criteria to nominate will be varied from time to time.

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