EatnSmile Docs


Earn From Your Experience

Sign In On Web 3.0

Staying up ahead of the curve, EatnSmile stands out of the crowd by completely replacing web 2.0 legacy with web 3.0 implementation. This lets users signing in with a Blockchain walllet anonymously and getting rewards straight to their own wallets.
Since personal indentity is concealed, users can speak their mind freely and actually participate in the community from anywhere in the World with no limitation.
EatnSmile is the first project in the industry to get rid of the legacy frameworks and golden standards, aiming for a fully decentralized space, where all involved parties get back a deserved value equivalent to their contributions.

Earn Reward Instantly

Every time submitted a review, users will have a chance to open a mystery chest containing rewards. In early phases, the reward will mainly be $STAR token.
Each mystery chest will have a drop rate, it may contain a huge number of token, or maybe nothing. Reward drop rate will be varied.
The reward token is exchangeable on different DEXs, creating an instant source of liquidity for users at all time.

Every Contribution Counted

All actions on EatnSmile will be recorded and given some loyalty points. It will not appear on the UI (User Interface), but counted internally on the backend. Those actions include minting NFT, submitting a review, hitting the 'Helpful' button, purchasing mintcode.
The purpose of counting loyalty points is to estimate the amount of governance token airdrop in the future, meaning the more contribution the more token will be airdropped.​