Earn Reward Instantly

General Idea

EatnSmile is completely FREE for reviewers to join. The general idea of the project is to establish a channel for users to share and earn from their valuable experience. This should revolutionize the review industry, in which participants get back a deserved value in accordance with their contribution.

To encounter spam and sustain a high-quality community, daily review quota will be narrowed down to 03 reviews a day. Actually, users can submit as many reviews as they want, but only the first 03 reviews will get to open mystery chests.

How It Works

Reviewers can search for a store, then provide a feedback includes text, emojis, and images. They can also comment, report, or tap the 'Helpful' button on other reviews.

No activities would require any gas fees at all. The first reviewer of a store will usually win a great prize for most of the time.

Once user submitted a review, a popup will appear with 03 mystery chests. User can choose 1 out of 3 chests, which contains the reward from 05 - 50 $STAR token with certain drop rates. Sometimes, user may win nothing, but it would rarely happen.

To start the process, user only needs to connect wallet (KEYRING PRO, Metamask), then sets up a simple profile in a few seconds.Once connect wallet successfully, user can search for a store and start giving reviews by adding text, images, emojis. As soon as the review is complete, the next step is to hit the 'Submit' button, then get the reward.

Comunity Rating

Aside from submitting reviews, users can also comment on other reviews, report, or hit on the 'Helpful' button. Those are the ways to contribute to EatnSmile community.

In reality, high-quality review will get a lot of 'Helpful' ratings. This increase the loyalty points of the reviewer passively and significantly.

On the other hand, low quality review, spam that get reported will have certain penalty, which affects profile rating seriously.

Aside from being a reviewer, users can also become a store owner by minting a Store NFT. This allows users to have full authorization on the store from adding menus, time, info to placing a free ads banner.


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