The Key To Mint Gasless NFT

What Is Mintcode?

Mintcode is a concept of EatnSmile sytem, describing a string of random characters. It enables users to mint Store NFT on the platform without paying any gas fees.

In other words, mintcode is the only way to mint NFT on EatnSmile. It exists as the one key for users to join the community in the role of a Store.

A mintcode should look like R100AWNRf59ie7myhfsM (Sample only).

How To Get Mintcode?

Free Mintcode

At early stages, EatnSmile will give away FREE mintcode through different marketing campaigns via Gleam, or Crew3. Users only need complete a few simple tasks (Follow Twitter, Discord, etc.) to accquire the codes.


How To Use Mintcode?

Users first need to connect wallet to EatnSmile, then choose register store, insert store info & images. The last step is to hit 'Mint Store NFT'.โ€‹

Users can mint store NFT directly on the platform with $STAR token. Each time will cost 100 $STAR token. Both unclaimed and claimed $STAR can be used to start the process.

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