EatnSmile Docs


Manage Your Own / Favorite Store

Built For Everyone

Anyone can mint Store NFT and become a store owner on EatnSmile with no restriction. This is the spirit of a fully decentralized space, where anyone can become whoever they want, do whatever they like without affecting the community interest.
Store owners will have full authorization on their stores from adding menus, images, time, description, to placing a free ads banner.

Transfer Store Ownership

Once a store reaches a certain level of review with high-quality info (description, menu, images, address, etc.), the store owner on EatnSmile can list it for sale on Opensea, or on the native NFT marketplace of EatnSmile.
Selling Store NFT would not affect store appearance, meaning everything will stay the same from store details to the number of reviews. The only thing would change is the ownership status of the NFT.

Mint Store NFT

To start minting Store NFT (Avalanche, Polygon) with NO GAS, user first needs to obtain an NFT Mintcode. From time to time, user can get free mintcode from different marketing campaigns of EatnSmile. Otherwise, the other way to get mintcode is to purchase using $STAR token. Each mintcode is equal to 100 $STAR.
Unlike reviewers, store owners would not receive $STAR token. In fact, they would get a higher loyal point when it comes to estimation for the amount of governance token airdrop in the future.