EatnSmile Docs

EatnSmile DAO

Decentralized Autonomous Organization
At first glance, it might seem like the platform has no content supervision, but the EatnSmile community will actually be the major supervisor through a voting mechanism on EatnSmile DAO.
The community will decide everything by stacking $NARUTO token, then vote to approve, decline, or even remove ads banners, store appearance, review, comment, etc.
Every time users cast a vote, they will be rewarded with the governance token $NARUTO. This mechanism puts power to the hands of the community, allowing participants to decide everything on EatnSmile from top to bottom as below.
  • Vote to remove/hide scam sites, closed stores, incorrect locations, etc.;
  • Vote to approve or decline a banner on Hompage;
  • Vote to remove banners that violate community guidelines;
  • Vote to remove improper reviews/comments;
  • Vote for system updates, proposals;
  • And more.