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Project Overview

Review And Earn Instantly On Web3

Market Size

According to Yahoo Report, the F&B Global Revenue has reached over $6,383 billion USD in 2022, which takes up to 18% for marketing activities. It indicates the marketing budget in F&B industry alone can reach up to $1,148.94 billion USD. This means by capturing only 0.01% of the market share is already over $100 million USD, revealing a huge potential in market participation. Top countries in F&B revenue include China, U.S, Japan, South Korea, etc. (Source)Top Countries In F&B Revenue 2022
Top Countries In F&B Revenue 2022

Project Overview

For decades, word-of-mouth has been proven to be the most effective marketing method. Yet, consumers in reality would need a good reason to start putting their thoughts into grinding great recommendations. EatnSmile aims to eliminate this bottleneck with a brilliant system built on Blockchain and NFT.
EatnSmile is the first of its kind to incentivize service review with immediate rewards. Its system facilitates the trending implementation of Web3 and NFT. This is expected to boost up store reviews and at the same time generate a good source of income for both reviewer and store.
The project tends to become a non-profit organization since all revenue will be given back to community members through its incentive mechanism.

Informativeness Within Reach

EatnSmile is the first review site on Web3 where users can extract the same amount of information in comparison to other legacy Web2 review sites, including store info, rating, address, map direction, menu, open time, images, reviews, etc.
It only takes a few seconds to search for a store on EatnSmile. In fact, when users allow the app to have location access, it will display nearby interesting, high-rating places. The sign in step is only needed when submitting review, or managing a store.
Even though the vibe appears to be the same, but its on-site experience will be totally different in a good way since EatnSmile is built for the people and managed by the people through a dynamic voting mechanism rather than the core team itself.

Protect Personal Privacy

Anyone can join EatnSmile from anywhere in the World with no restriction. The platform removes the concept of physical boundaries by adopting Web3.
To participate in the community, everything users need is a Blockchain wallet. The site would not require any personal information, indentity, or whatsoever, allowing users to stay anonymous at all time and to speak their mind freely without worrying about local restriction.

Earn From Community Contribution

Every contribution is recognized automatically by the system and later rewarded in one way or another. This means every activity is counted from review, review rating, NFT minting, to store management.
The major reward for service review is $STAR token, which will be listed on different DEXs, generating a good source of liquidity for users.
Store owner on the other hand can list their store for sale on Opensea, get more loyal points in term of estimation for governance token airdrop, $NARUTO token, get the voting reward, or even place a free ads banner.The platform ensures everyone get a deserved reward in accordance with their contribution, which is the key to sustain a healthy and energetic community.

Competitive Edge

Competitive Edge
Web 2.0 (Use Google, FB login)
Web 3.0 (Use wallet login)
Mobile app
Adopt NFT
Find a place
Store info
Check menu
Get direction
Place order
Service booking
Show relevant places
View review
Comment on review
Rate review
Earn on review
Distribute Voucher
Place FREE banners (NFT Owner)
Facilitate Smart Contract
Airdrop Governance Token